Dining Room Update, As Promised

Hello All! Well, even without a real camera, the guilt of not following up on a promise is weighing me down. So I snagged the hubby’s Iphone to get a few photos to share with you! My dining room before was just a little lack luster, click HERE to refresh your memory. So I began looking for inspiration.

Our dining room is seperate from the kitchen, but has an open concept, and isn’t exactly what you call formal. So, I felt that a casual farmhouse table look would be the best way to go. I came across a great, heavy farmhouse table on Craiglist for a minimal investment, sanded and stained it, and somehow managed to get it up to the dining room from the basement (it took the hubby and I quite a while). And here it is!

(looking left into the dining room from where the living room meets the kitchen)

I found some parsons chairs to go along with it. The fabric was UGLY and in poor shape so I purchased some white slipcovers to give them a more custom look (still need to get them monogrammed). Our Juliska Berry & Thread every day china has a French country look to it that I think blends perfectly with this style.

The wall to your left walking into the dining room houses a small buffet given to us by my mother-in-law that holds our Pottery Barn monogrammed cake stands, white porcelain accents, and a topiary. The chair prints on the wall are one of my favorite things in the house and are from Ballard Designs. The just scream dining room!

Below is the closest to a full-room view as I could get. It’s taken from the far corner looking toward the kitchen walkway into the living room. The wine bar on the left side of this photo holds a Barbara Cosgrove Lamp, Vietri tray and decanter.

The room has really started to come together. As with the rest of our house, it’s definitely an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. In this one photo above you can see farmhouse, traditional, & oriental all in one shot.

And now one more detail shot of the every day china I’m still as obsessed with today as the day I registered for it. And check out the georgous antique linens I snagged at a yard sale yesterday. $5 for 4 placemats and 4 napkins, and they are practically a perfect match for my china and the room as a whole!

Now, I’ve got just a few more updates to make. The wall with the old window hanging on it is SCREAMING for a china cabinet, but i just haven’t found the perfect one yet. And if I’ve learned anything decorating this house, it’s that you shouldn’t buy something just because there’s a space in your house that needs it. Wait until you find something you truly LOVE. Placeholders until that moment are just a waste of time and money! Same story with the light fixture. I just haven’t found exactly what I want in here. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what I want, but it will hit me when I see it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the dining room tour. As always, please leave comments and suggestions!


9 thoughts on “Dining Room Update, As Promised

  1. This Little Nest says:

    Hey Amelia! Thanks for the sweet comments! I've had the chair prints for quite a while now, so they may be discontinued. So sorry you can't find them! I will do a little searching myself and let you know if I can find them again!


  2. 1bellastager says:

    Oh, it's so, so classy! Good eye for design:) You should stop by on Monday for my “Restyle Your World” linky party!



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