Holiday Recap!

It’s been quite a busy holiday season!  Besides the all the giving and receiving, we’ve been doing lots and lots of other stuff.  Here’s a quick photo snapshot of our last month!
Tons of cocktails….. 

and puppy snuggle time…..

family hiking….
nephew cuddling…
and goddaughter snuggle time….

My heart is full with family, friends, food, wine, and Mexican dominoes!  What a wonderful month!
Happy Holidays to you & yours!

I got you Ryan Gosling for Christmas!

Ok, we all know that’s not true.  Because if I had Ryan Gosling, I wouldn’t be sharing him, right?  I’d build this amazing lavish dungeon where I’d hold him captive for my own entertainment and keep it a secret from all the world….

But anyway, I did find this lovely image which I think will fill you all with Christmas cheer!

Enjoy!  See you on the flip side of Christmas!


Two Words

Color. Blocking.
Skirt- J Crew; Top- Tibi; Scarf- Banana Republic; Watch- Michael Kors
It’s my new obsession.
Given the fact that I went for years with a freakish fear of patterns, I’ve got alot of solid items in my closet and I’m loving that color blocking is back in vogue so I can put them all to good use.
What about you?  Are you digging this trend or am I crazy?
~ Katie

Christmas Living Room Sneak Peek!

I just wanted to share a sneak peak of the Christmas tree in our living room!  I went with a gold & silver color scheme with a few pops of color.

We’ve yet to collect a large amount of Christmas decor for the house so the tree, the mantle, and the front door are about it.
I’ll be posting pics of the entire room in all it’s festive glory later this week!
On the horizon:
  • Living Room- complete but always in progress
  • Foyer- complete
  • Dining Room- complete but always in progress
  • Kitchen- complete