Skincare & Makeup Routine

I have what you would call a difficult skin tone.  I’m fair, pink and extremely freckled… like extremely.  I learned to love my freckles at an early age (and apparently people are getting fakes ones these days so maybe I’m naturally en vogue and don’t even know it).  But, the redness in my skin has always bothered me.  Even before I wore makeup.  My dad said when I was younger I would always ask him “Daddy, whyyyyyy are we so paaaaaank?” My mom and brother don’t seem to have this issue but my dad and I are basically leprechauns.


Before I get hassled by body image acceptance enthusiasts or whatever you call it, let me say this.  I’m cool, guys. I’m good with the way that I look… Heck, I even think I’m pretty most of the time.  But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me improving things that I do not particularly like about myself if I can.

So, makeup has never been easy for me. Anything that “covered up” my redness was either too heavy or didn’t blend well with my freckles.  My face would look super fair and my neck and chest would just look PINKER (not a word but whatevs. <— also not a word). I just started using Rodan + Fields Reverse Skincare Regimen and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some results from that. (I was not asked or paid to endorse Rodan + Fields…. because I’m not a real blogger)

According to R+F, the Reverse system is supposed to be great for dull or uneven skin tones. It uses cosmetic and OTC ingredients to brighten/bleach uneven pigment and skin tone.  I’ve only been using the products for a few days but I’ll be sure to check back in with a result pic in 5-6 weeks… so I guess we shall see.

Now onto makeup.  With a wild and crazy 11 month old, my new getting ready routine has GOT TO TIGHTEN UP.  I’ve started creating some habits that definitely help – shower at night, lash extensions to eliminate time spent applying mascara, laying out clothes the night befre (hello again, 2nd grade!) – but I’d really like to minimize my makeup routine as well. (If you haven’t noticed I’m all about minimizing these days… you can read that post here).  And I feel like getting my skin in tip top shape if the first step in that.IMG_3678

I’m generally happy with my makeup routine now but I’d be happier if I wore less makeup for a couple of reasons. First, it would take less time and effort.  Secondly, I just prefer a more natural look which has always been hard for me because no makeup = weird uneven freckle skin tone.

Here’s what I do now, if anyone is interested:

  • Primer spray (I like this much more than cream or oil-based primers). I absolutely HATE touching my face.
  • Color corrector and concealer under eyes and in the areas where I tend to stay red (chin, cheaks, tip and corners of nose)
  • Blend (kind of but not really according to that lovely photo of me above… thanks Iphone7)
  • Loose mineral powder. I typically use Bare Minerals but keep some of the cheap Maybelline pressed powder in a darker shade for the 2 weeks out of the year that I actually have a tan.
    • I struggle here because most of the powder tones that help with my redness/pink skin tone wind up making my face look super pale compared to the rest of my body.  And the only thing worse than that is using a color that is too dark… so – help! What’s a girl to do here?
  • Tiny bit of contour under my cheek bones and around my hairline.
  • Blush – pretty self-explanatory…. unless there’s some application strategy here I should know about it…enlighten me.
  • Eyeshadow – super neutral (gold/rose gold/browns) unless I’m specifically dressing things up .
  • No MASCARA! I recently got lash extensions which I guess is a little over the top for someone who isn’t Beyonce or a drag queen but it’s actually been so helpful! My lashes (while pretty long on their own) are super blonde and I was spending 1/2 of my makeup time just loading them up with mascara.  I have small and almost hooded eyes so mascara was super important to me.  Now, I don’t even give it a second thought.

So that’s it.  Written out, it kind of looks like a lot but I don’t look like a crazy made-up person so I guess it isn’t.  The question is… how can I minimize it further?  Is there a useless product I need to just cut out? Or is there a product that I need to add that would cut down on the need for something else?  Will Rodan + Fields solve all my problems and turn me into the no-make up, golden beach goddess I am in my dreams?  Either way, I’ll letcha know.

PS – I recently organized my makeup drawer and it made me feel like a new person. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in reading more about!


Basic girls’ guide to a weekend in Birmingham

I had so much fun this weekend, I just had to share. For a few years now, the Birmingham I once knew has slowly become unrecognizable… in a good way. I’ve always loved living here but now this little big city has really become the best version of itself. There’s almost always something going on and new restaurants or bars to try.  And with so many kid-friendly options, it’s easy to still feel hip after having babies!

Warning: the weekend itinerary below is about as basic and it can get. And that’s how I like it. So if you’re cool with being a basic chick, here’s what to do with your Saturday in Birmingham.

Not picture: Copious amounts of coffee. So basic.

8:15am – Hit the gym with girlfriends for a good workout before eating your weight in James Beard award-winning dinners…. and also wine.



11:30am – Brunch so hard at Rowe’s Service Station with baby in tow (sorry not sorry for all the scrambled eggs on the floor!)


1:30pm – Drop baby and husband and home for a nap and do a little retail therapy. Didn’t snap any pics but hit two of  the favorites: At Home Furnishings and Stock & Trade Design Co.

3:00pm – Go home. Chill. Snuggle with adorable tiny humans… becuase you’re too old for all these activities and vokda before 7pm. Also, open wine.

7:30pm – Get cute but not too cute. Force husband to take your photo while you wait for your Uber. Pro tip: Take photo in your formal living (aka – the only room in your house not taken over by baby toys and sippy cups).IMG_3277

8:00pm – Drink all the champs and eat all the escargot at Chez Fon Fon. Start to wonder if you should have gone somewhere else because you come here all the time and then decide absolutely not because Chez Fon Fon is the next best thing to heaven on earth.

10:30pm – Hit the newest hipster hangout The Atomic  for a DELICIOUS cocktail and feel super cool because two of your buds are featured on the wall. (What’s up Randall and Rashid!)IMG_3283

11:15pm – GO HOME. Because you’re old and you turn into a pumpkin a midnight. And, also, you’re responsible and are already thinking ahead about losing an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time and maybe panicking a little becuase you’re heard it turns children into little tiny devils and you’re not sure what kind of monster your 10 month old might be in the morning.

5:45am – Wake up to tiny monster cackling in his crib and breathe a sigh of relief because it turns out he’s still really adorable and all he wants are a diaper change and some snuggles.

And then do a little jig because you managed to be both cool and responsible in one weekend while soaking in some good quality time with some pretty awesome ladies.