Low Carb Breakfast: Sausage Drop Biscuits

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I am about 3 months into my low carb adventure and it has really been paying off. I don’t think elimination diets are a sustainable way to lose and keep weight off but for someone who has alot to shed, it can really produce results.  I am now almost 15 lbs thinner than I was before I got pregnant with III.  I lost the baby weight quickly and easily. I honestly didn’t have much of an appetite for a few weeks after having him, I wasn’t drinking and I was bored so we did A LOT of strolling while on maternity leave.  But then I went back to work and spent most of my day in a chair.  I was struggling with merging two routines – a full time job and keeping a baby alive – so my time and focus on exercising & healthy cooking went out the window for a while.  I managed to put about 8 of the 28 pregnancy pounds back on.  I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and now, more than ever, it was important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Sure, III is a baby but before I know it, he’ll be mimicking the way we live.  And I want him to grow up in an active and healthy family.  With his kidney disease, I want him to understand the importance and benefit of a healthy diet and have the nutrition knowledge he needs to be healthy as a teenager and adult when he is making his own decisions.

After meeting with my physician and doing some personalized tests, I learned that I have moderate insulin resistance so cutting carbs and sugars within reason would be beneficial for my health and waistline.

Bottom line – you should do what works for you.  I’ve adjusted to these habits fairly well and can allow myselfs carbs and sugars…. and wine… within reason without reversing my progress.

My biggest struggle was usually breakfast… Before, I rarely took the time to cook something for myself in the mornings and most grab-and-go items aren’t low carb.  I found a couple of recipes online but nothing I was loving so I just came up with my own… hope you enjoy!

1 package (16oz) of breakfast sausage (opt for turkey sausage if you want to cut the fat… but I’m denying myself enough.. ha!)

3.5 cups of almond flour

3  teaspoons baking powder

8 eggs

Shredded cheese… I used basically an entire bag 🙂

Mix in a bowl by hand the same way you would mix up sausage balls.  Use a large spoon to place on a greased pan. Pat down slightly with spoon…not quite as flat as a cookie.  They will puff up some when they bake.  Bake on 375 for 15-20 mins.  I checked on mine at 15 minutes and they needed just a couple minute longer.

You could really throw just about anything you want in here and they’d be great… onions and bell pepper or do bacon instead of sauage.  A great vegatarian option would be wilted spinach and feta.  III loved these as well so next time I will probably grate some broccoli in just to sneak in a little extra goodness!

PS – This makes about 20-24 drop buscuits and they are very freezer friendly.  I put a few in the fridge to eat on this week and froze the rest.  You can thaw them out directly in the microwave!