A Little Living Room Inspiration

A sweet friend of mine, Meg Cook, whom I recently purchased some fabulous art from, sat down with me to do a little brainstorming for my living room.  While I love the french blue color of our wall, I find myself struggling to incorporate any non-neutral colors with it. I splurged a few weeks ago on a cowhide rug that I’M IN LOVE WITH and it gave me an itching to update the room a little bit…give it a little more “wow” factor.  The bold rug was making everything around it look so boring in comparison.  I felt myself hitting a wall and called her up for some advice.  Her advice was to incorporate a burnt orange color in the room with accessories.  So far I’ve added two of these burnt orange pillows to my sofa.
These are Celerie Kemble’s Betwixt pattern in “Spark” which is a lovely shade I’d call burnt orange.  I love them!  They add a pop of color and the pattern is transitional so it blends with both the modern and traditional elements in the room.  I’m still working on finding a complementary fabric to do some additional pillows….but now I’ve set my sights on the wall above the sofa.  My husband gave me an Mary Bryan New York skyline painting that now rests above the fire place opposite of this wall and I’m thinking I’d like a mirror to reflect that painting so that you notice it as soon as you walk in the room.  The problem is a big mirror over the sofa is….well….boring…right?
Right now the wall has four vintage car prints but the wall is large and looks sparse and I’m ready for a change.  Which leads me to my inspiration photo.
Isn’t is lovely?!  This living room is much more traditional than mine but I think the gallery of sunburst mirrors is a fun eclectic touch (even a tad modern) which is exactly what I’m looking to incorporate into my living room. I have two sunburst mirror in other rooms of the house that I can repurpose into the leaving room but I need at least three more and I’m hoping to find some vintage/antique ones to add in.  And so the search begins…..