She Sheds Her Skin

Exterior renovations began on the new abode today!  It looks a little like a haunted house right now, but soon enough it will be restored back to its originally beauty!  Here’s a before pic to refresh your memory…

Cotton Candy blue…ugh!
Here’s its current state as of lunch time today when I drove by to stalk the progress.  

Kind of spooky…

There’s just a small portion of the front siding left to be removed before they move on to sides and back .  Once the original heart pine siding is restored (nails and staples from siding have to be removed and their holes patched), it will get a fresh coat of Behr’s Bleached Linen, black shutters will go back up, and the new colonial columns will installed under the front stoop!

I can’t wait to drive up to the finished product!

PS-  I’ve been working on the master bedroom and it’s almost ready the reveal.  I’ll take some sneak peek shots to share with you later this week!

Ta ta!