Whole30: Mid-month Update

Several of you asked me to continue updating you here on the progress of our Whole30 adventure.  I will say that the last week and a half has been…. not actually difficult…but more difficult to stay devoted.  Which meant, I got a little lazy with food prep but luckily for you, that means I can share some super easy meal ideas because I just didn’t feel like doing anything but EASY.

So far the last several days, it’s been soups, salads and breakfast for dinner.  I’ve made two MASSIVE hauls of soup.  One taco and one veggie.  They are just compliant versions of something we’d already eat. I made enough each time for dinner, leftovers for lunch and even more to freeze for next week. My only tip here is to just be sure to make sure your stock or broth is compliant as well as any spices you use.


We resorted to Larabars the first week if we needed something easy in the car or had a craving for sugar. This week I grabbed a few RXbars as well and I have to say I like them better.  They have a better texture and I prefer the flavors they come in… although, some aren’t compliant so you’ve really got to pay attention to the labels.


The prepared grilled chicken strips from Trader Joe’s have been total lifesavers this entire time. I just made a run at lunch today to pick up some more! They’re great cold over salads.  I’ve also resorted to just dunking them in guacamole and getting on with my day! Crazy convenience. There are some chicken breasts available there as well but they’ve been marinated and are non-compliant.  These aren’t marinated but still have great flavor.


And lastly, but not Whole30 related per say, are the collagen peptides I’ve been adding to my coffee.  This is a great source of protein in the morning and seems to help my breakfast stay with me longer so I don’t eat up all my snack options before the afternoon grumbles kick in.  G has hip trouble (poor old man) and collagen is great for joints (as well as hair, skin, nails) so I’ve gotten him on board as well.  I use Vital Proteins brand which you can snag on Amazon Prime.


So, the mid-experience consensus is….

I’m down about 5 lbs in a little over two weeks. G is down significantly more.  And while we decided to do this to kick off a lifestyle change and detox, the weight loss sure is great. More importantly to me than the scale, I’ve noticed a change in the way my clothes fit and am beginning to see definition in my arms and legs that I forgot I use to have! HA!

Only 12 more days to go and, to be honest, I’m not really counting the minutes. I’m shocked at how little I miss things like cheese. I mean, there will definitely be cheese happening in 13 days but I’m just not DYING for it like I thought I would be.


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