Skincare & Makeup Routine

I have what you would call a difficult skin tone.  I’m fair, pink and extremely freckled… like extremely.  I learned to love my freckles at an early age (and apparently people are getting fakes ones these days so maybe I’m naturally en vogue and don’t even know it).  But, the redness in my skin has always bothered me.  Even before I wore makeup.  My dad said when I was younger I would always ask him “Daddy, whyyyyyy are we so paaaaaank?” My mom and brother don’t seem to have this issue but my dad and I are basically leprechauns.


Before I get hassled by body image acceptance enthusiasts or whatever you call it, let me say this.  I’m cool, guys. I’m good with the way that I look… Heck, I even think I’m pretty most of the time.  But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me improving things that I do not particularly like about myself if I can.

So, makeup has never been easy for me. Anything that “covered up” my redness was either too heavy or didn’t blend well with my freckles.  My face would look super fair and my neck and chest would just look PINKER (not a word but whatevs. <— also not a word). I just started using Rodan + Fields Reverse Skincare Regimen and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing some results from that. (I was not asked or paid to endorse Rodan + Fields…. because I’m not a real blogger)

According to R+F, the Reverse system is supposed to be great for dull or uneven skin tones. It uses cosmetic and OTC ingredients to brighten/bleach uneven pigment and skin tone.  I’ve only been using the products for a few days but I’ll be sure to check back in with a result pic in 5-6 weeks… so I guess we shall see.

Now onto makeup.  With a wild and crazy 11 month old, my new getting ready routine has GOT TO TIGHTEN UP.  I’ve started creating some habits that definitely help – shower at night, lash extensions to eliminate time spent applying mascara, laying out clothes the night befre (hello again, 2nd grade!) – but I’d really like to minimize my makeup routine as well. (If you haven’t noticed I’m all about minimizing these days… you can read that post here).  And I feel like getting my skin in tip top shape if the first step in that.IMG_3678

I’m generally happy with my makeup routine now but I’d be happier if I wore less makeup for a couple of reasons. First, it would take less time and effort.  Secondly, I just prefer a more natural look which has always been hard for me because no makeup = weird uneven freckle skin tone.

Here’s what I do now, if anyone is interested:

  • Primer spray (I like this much more than cream or oil-based primers). I absolutely HATE touching my face.
  • Color corrector and concealer under eyes and in the areas where I tend to stay red (chin, cheaks, tip and corners of nose)
  • Blend (kind of but not really according to that lovely photo of me above… thanks Iphone7)
  • Loose mineral powder. I typically use Bare Minerals but keep some of the cheap Maybelline pressed powder in a darker shade for the 2 weeks out of the year that I actually have a tan.
    • I struggle here because most of the powder tones that help with my redness/pink skin tone wind up making my face look super pale compared to the rest of my body.  And the only thing worse than that is using a color that is too dark… so – help! What’s a girl to do here?
  • Tiny bit of contour under my cheek bones and around my hairline.
  • Blush – pretty self-explanatory…. unless there’s some application strategy here I should know about it…enlighten me.
  • Eyeshadow – super neutral (gold/rose gold/browns) unless I’m specifically dressing things up .
  • No MASCARA! I recently got lash extensions which I guess is a little over the top for someone who isn’t Beyonce or a drag queen but it’s actually been so helpful! My lashes (while pretty long on their own) are super blonde and I was spending 1/2 of my makeup time just loading them up with mascara.  I have small and almost hooded eyes so mascara was super important to me.  Now, I don’t even give it a second thought.

So that’s it.  Written out, it kind of looks like a lot but I don’t look like a crazy made-up person so I guess it isn’t.  The question is… how can I minimize it further?  Is there a useless product I need to just cut out? Or is there a product that I need to add that would cut down on the need for something else?  Will Rodan + Fields solve all my problems and turn me into the no-make up, golden beach goddess I am in my dreams?  Either way, I’ll letcha know.

PS – I recently organized my makeup drawer and it made me feel like a new person. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in reading more about!


Putting your best foot forward for Spring

And, yes, in Alabama, we consider late February to be spring.

It’s inevitable. It comes every year… that awkward weather phase where booties and sweaters are just too much but it’s not quite time to bust out the Lilly (no offense to those year round Lilly girls). I’ve been literally living in two pairs of Chinese Laundry booties this fall but the girls need to go free… and by girls, I mean toes.

But it’s not quite free-the-girls sandal season yet. (For example, it’s 79 degrees as I type this and tomorrow night will dip below freezing… suck it, global warming). So what’s a girl to do? Google. Internet shop. Load up carts. Check out.

I’ve rounded up my picks for neutral and transitional sandals and wedges to get you through those awkward months and beyond.


  1. Target Women’s Leigh Laser Cut Shield Heel Pumps – Merona
  2. Nordstrom Halogen ‘Clarette’ Wedge Sandal
  3. Nordstrom Kirstin Cavallari ‘Larox’ Wedge Sandal
  4. Zappos Joie Block Heel Sandal
  5. Nordstrom Andira Platform Wedge Sandal



Cocktail Season Style Guide

We get it. You’ve been busy. Working, parenting, Amazon Prime-ing your entire family’s Christmas wishlist…. you know, adulting in general.

And now, it’s cocktail season. You have no less than 5 events coming up – half of which your better half has no idea what the attire is… “um, dressy-ish… business dressy?” My favorite it is, “It’s black tie… and it’s tomorrow.”

If this sounds anything like your life, you may find the following closet staples pieces useful.


With winter time cocktail dresses, I tend to stick to solids and I’m obviously drawn to black.  I find that this time of year, a lot of events are on weeknights and these are just so easy to throw on and style in the 20 minutes you have between getting home, running a bath, feeding the baby (getting covered in pureed carrots) and bolting out the door.  I love to mix it up with color and patterns in the spring and summer, but dark and solid are my go-to’s this time of year.

I think cape dresses (link) are a perfect dressy look when it’s chilly and you feel the need to be a little more covered up.  So is the tailored jumpsuit look (link) – especially when you’re not totally sure what the attire for an event is. I would throw on this Hyla Dewitt statement necklace and these Ted Baker jeweled pumps and head out the door.  I also love this inexpensive off the shoulder look from ASOS and I can personally attest to the versatility of the Natalie Dress from my new favorite line CROSBY by Mollie Burch.  Top it off with the gold drop or funky enamel earrings from BaubleBar and you’re done.

Now go, mingle with people you don’t know… or party with your girlfriends. Come home, pay the babysitter and know that you killed it with your fashions tonight. Congrats!



Christmas Gifter’s Block

Every year, way ahead of Christmas I’ll get these super thoughtful gift ideas… something I know that person will just absolutely LOVE… or something I notice they mention liking or wanting.  I’ll make a mental note and get it ahead of time.  And I get SO excited anticipating giving it to them when the time finally comes!

And then two weeks before Christmas – without fail – it hits me.  Gifter’s block. If I haven’t figured you out by then, it’s like my brain just will not compute. But thank the internet gods for Pinterest.

I imagine I can’t be the only one with that finds themselves in this predicament so this year, I thought I’d share with you some gifting inspo for when you have that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET THEM moment.



  1. You can’t go wrong with barware (unless youRE gifting a non-drinker, obvi) and this Hard Stuff liquor decanter is just too cute!
  2. And what chinoierie-obsessed prep can pass up those Lettermade embroidered ginger jar cocktail napkins.  They have so many other options too!
  3. The needlepoint beer koozies are perfect for your go-to beer guy.  The jolly roger design is my absolute favorite (as my little brother can attest to).  I’m beginning to sense a theme here with these gifts…
  4. And to convince you that I and my loved ones have other interests that do not involve the consumption of alcohol… This pom pom straw tote is a great gift for your beach-loving friend… and it’s the perfect time to get them dreaming about warmer weather!
  5. But when the cold, hard reality of winter hits them in the face… why not prepare them with some cold-weather armor.  I love this ivory beanie with a faux fur pom!
  6. And finally, no one passes up a Turkish T towel… these are the softest, most understated and casually elegant hand towels! I keep one in every bathroom!

So if you find yourself in a gifter’s block conundrum, fear not, I’ve got you covered!  Happy shopping and Happy Holidays from The K List!

Athleisure – because who cares if you’ve actually been to the gym

Thank the {fashion} gods. Yoga pants are now high fashion. Goodbye buttons. Goodbye zippers. You will NOT be missed.

For the record, I do the best I can (with a busy husband, a 5 month old and the occasional desperately needed social outing) to get to the gym pretty regularly.  If I can’t and the weather permits, I at least get a good baby strolling in several times a week followed by an at home workout.  This YouTube fitness channel is my favorite!

Here’s an example of a quick full body dumbell workout I do often after stroller jogging with III or a treadmill run (I desperately hate hanging out on the weight side of the gym… I’d rather just do it in my living room).

Ok, enough about fitness.  I am NOT your guru for that. In fact, my post baby bod has really got me in the dumps (like a truck) but – hey – I’m doing the best I can.  In fact, I’m about to start a new vitamin and supplement regimen along with some new meal planning that I’ll be updating you on down the road.

Anyway, the good stuff.  The clothes… because, now, you can express you inner fashionista at the gym. On the way to the gym. On the way home from the gym. Not going to the gym at all.  Places like Publix, Starbucks, on the couch with wine and a bestie. So basic.

Long before III and athleisure were a thing, I desperately wanted to avoid being the mom that was always in yoga pants and sweats… the epitome of “letting herself go”…. even for a valid reason like having a baby | being covered in formula | not sleeping for more than 3.5 hours at a time for 4 months straight…. and GOD, yes, I know how sexist this all sounds.  Who cares what you look like and what you wear and so on and so forth… not me… you do you.  But the bottom line is… I do care what I look like, how I present… at least a little…most days.

Enter: Athleisure Wear. This fall and winter you’ll find me cozy, comfy and hopefully fit in my new favorite pieces.



  1. ALO Moto Leggings 
  2. Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Convertible Cardigan
  3. Cole Haan Snakeskin Sneakers
  4. The North Face Slacker Turtleneck Poncho


Cozy and comfy never looked so good!

Leopard & Local

This week’s list is short and sweet.  Animal print (and considering recent events, I certainly mean faux) is all up on my feet.

I recently took a digital communications role for a large academic medical center… And I get how you wouldn’t think that’s a fashion-forward environment but I work with a squad  of serious fashionistas/os. But it’s a big place and, on a day full of meetings, heels are out of the question.

Enter the leopard flats that saved my closet…

 (Bettye Muller)

And on the weekend, it’s all casual all day. Enter these locally proud, badass caps.  When I say “local,” I don’t mean Birmingham (which is all also badass).  I mean ALL the locals.

Birmingham startup Aviate Brand recently launched a line of caps that feature airport codes and they are as chic as a cap can get. Doesn’t hurt that Aviate was started by a local from my hometown and operates out of the Magic City. You like your city?  You like to ride on airplanes to other cities?  Get one.

And that’s it.  That’s the K-List this week.

Make them stare,