Putting your best foot forward for Spring

And, yes, in Alabama, we consider late February to be spring.

It’s inevitable. It comes every year… that awkward weather phase where booties and sweaters are just too much but it’s not quite time to bust out the Lilly (no offense to those year round Lilly girls). I’ve been literally living in two pairs of Chinese Laundry booties this fall but the girls need to go free… and by girls, I mean toes.

But it’s not quite free-the-girls sandal season yet. (For example, it’s 79 degrees as I type this and tomorrow night will dip below freezing… suck it, global warming). So what’s a girl to do? Google. Internet shop. Load up carts. Check out.

I’ve rounded up my picks for neutral and transitional sandals and wedges to get you through those awkward months and beyond.


  1. Target Women’s Leigh Laser Cut Shield Heel Pumps – Merona
  2. Nordstrom Halogen ‘Clarette’ Wedge Sandal
  3. Nordstrom Kirstin Cavallari ‘Larox’ Wedge Sandal
  4. Zappos Joie Block Heel Sandal
  5. Nordstrom Andira Platform Wedge Sandal




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