New Den = Design ADD

Can someone say design ADD?

Truth is, the longer we are in our home and the closer we get to putting on an addition that will make it a much more permanent residence for the G family that we ever anticipated, the more I realize that I just like a little bit of everything and it’s my house, right?  So with our new den, I’m just going for it.  It will be open to what will be our new expanded & renovated kitchen with an entire wall of french doors leading out to a covered outdoor living room where I’m betting we spend even MORE time.

 This will be the room we spend our most valuable family time in whether that’s just me & G or the pup or future little G’s or whatever.  I want it to be cozy but light & airy.  I want it to be chic but not formal.  I want it to be lodge-y and chinoiserie and a little bit beachy.  I want it all, ya’ll.

So this is where I’m starting?  Thoughts?  Am I crazy?

Casual Den

Here’s what made the list:

  • Big & comfy section – love the English rolled arms
  • Greek key pillows in coral (custom made)
  • Scalamandre pillows (custom made)
  • Audubon flamingo print (gold framed… perhaps paired with a pelican friend)
  • Round, skirted ottoman for foot propping
  • Built-in bar (for shenanigans)


I’m so so close to being ready to give you all a room by room tour of our new (old) home in progress.  I hope to get lots of photos taken this weekend and reveal one room a week over the new few weeks.  In the meantime, I’m struggling with one last wall in my living room so you’re about to get a little bit of a sneak peek!

I purchased the most adorable linen tufted settee from a local shop here in Birmingham a few months ago to sit under window in our living room for additional seating space (we already have a large sofa and two chairs) but I had the space to add more seating and thought “why not?”.

I realize those pillows are WAY too big & they’ve been change out since.

There is just a tad bit more length to this wall beyond what’s in the photo.  I don’t want to clutter it with matching end tables, but it’s a little too much space just to leave empty.  I’ve been struggling with this wall for a while and then I stumbled upon this….

Target Golden Days Collection 

While searching for gold pouf options on Pinterested, I found this gold leather tufted pouf from Target.  I haven’t seen it in person, so I have some concerns about the quality and the texture of the upholstery, but I think it’s just adorable!  And different from the Moroccan poufs you see EVERYWHERE now.

I’m also a little concerned that if I place one on either side of the settee, there will be WAY too much tufting going on….but then again…is there really such a thing as TOO MUCH TUFT?!?!  I think I’ve come to the decision that I will order to and if the look at quality isn’t up to par, I’ll just return them….easy peasy, right!?

The Golden Days collection at Target has a few other super cute items (and some really horrid stuff as well). Here’s some more of the good stuff!


Happy Shopping!

Home Inspiration Photos

With the looming move and work beginning in the new house tomorrow, I’ve been an online inspiration photo addict as of late. I’ll be posting updates and before and after shots as work begins but I thought I’d share with you some of the pretty photos (and a few sneak peeks) I’ve come upon and gathered while brainstorming about the new place.
Sarah’s House HGTV
Helen Gillilan artwork that will be going in the living room
Pillow & Curtain Fabric for the Living Room Bedroom I ADORE!

See you soon with some progress pics!


House Tour: Our Living Room

As you may be able to tell by reading this blog,  I constantly have projects going on in our house.  Currently, all of which are not at post-worthy status (yet).  And as these projects continue to grow, each room of our house gets a million tiny makeovers.  While other rooms are in progress, I thought this would be a great opportunity to catch you up on our living room in it’s current state.  Here are a few photos.

The wall with the sofa, the fireplace opposite of it, and the extra seating nook by the window are the main areas of our living room.  My goal with this room was to keep it neutral but interesting, polished and neat but lived in and cozy.  And so far, I think we’re getting there.  One of the easiest ways to make a room feel cozy is with fabric.  These Kravet ikat throw pillows are my favorite!
Vintage pieces like these super old and naturally patina-ed iron candlesticks I snagged at a yardsale for next to nothing keep the room feeling used and lived in.
And probably my favorite part of our living room is the seagrass tray on top of our cocktail ottoman that holds some of our favorite tabletop books (Greek Islands, Esquire’s The Meaning of Life, and a vintage Chanel Look Book is found at a THRIFT STORE!).  On top of the books is one of my many McCoy pieces and our brass elephant bookends to show off our college pride.

So that gives you the gist of our living room!  It honestly is the room where we LIVE…we use it the most out of all the room in our house and that’s why it was important for me that we love being in it.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions (because it’s always evolving).
I’ve linked my thrift living room to:

House Tour: The Living Room (and some estate sale finds!)

This weekend lent itself to some nice estate sale scavenging!

Gusty found himself some tools which he has already used to trim (chop) down the overgrown crape myrtles in our front yard that the previous owner had let grow way beyond their intended height. And I found this beauty…..

I LOVE THIS CHAIR. You can’t tell very well by the photo, but the fabric has a little bit of pink in it, making it less than perfect for the room, but it actually blends in our living room pretty well for the time being. I know I want to upholster it, but I’m undecided on what type of fabric I want to use. Those were our only finds for the day, but I definitely consider the morning a success because I LOVE this chair. The shape and color of the frame (antique white) and the cane siding are just my style.

So as promised, this post is the beginning of what I like to call “The House Tour.” I’ll be taking you room by room through our house highlighting the things I love, the things I’d like to change, and what projects I have going on (almost every room has at least one project at any one time). The living room has been my biggest focus as it is the room we use the most and the most public room of the house. When we bought the house, almost every room was painted a boring beige with an awful tinge of pink to it. We decided to paint the living room a calm grayish blue. We found the perfect shade of Behr called Rocky Mountain Sky. I think it turned out to be a great decision. It keeps the room from being your typical boring khaki or beige, but still keeps it neutral so that I’m not stuck in a strict color scheme.

When you first walk into or living room, this window is to your right and probably one of the first things you see.
Notice all the trees and no house lurking too close by. That is one thing we fell in love with about this house. It sits up on a steep hill and just about every room has view of nothing but tree tops and blue sky. And when the leaves have fallen in the fall and winter season, we have a decent little view of city lights.

So, back to the window, we found two great dark brown leather club chairs at a discount store a few years ago that we originally used to stage Gusty’s house to sale before we got married. They’re pretty sturdy pieces and add a nice, modern flair to our predominantly vintage cottage. The drum table was a STEAL at (probably) around $60 from an auction at our local antique store…and when I say local, I mean within 5 minutes walking distance. We love walking over, grabbing a coffee, and browsing their eclectic inventory. I added a unique lamp I received as a wedding gift from some of my hostesses and a grouping of photos of family and friends. I do feel like this area is still a little bare because I do not have any treatments on the window. At our last house, I had only needed 4 panels for the living room windows and now can’t find any additional ones that match, so I’m on the lookout for all new drapes for the entire room.

To the left, on the same wall as the front door, is this fireplace flanked by two large crank windows.
This fireplace, while adding great architectural interest and symmetry to the room, has been a major problem for me. I LOVE a home with a fireplace, but I’ve hard a hard time deciding what to put on this one. The mantle is too high, making the bottom half look naked, and it’s skinny, making it hard to layer objects on it. So for now, this HUGE antique white frame I snagged from a yard sale for about $30 lives here. I’d love to give the fireplace a whole new makeover with a new mantle, but there are too many projects higher on my priority list right now.

Opposite of the fireplace (and the front door) is the focal wall that houses our sofa. I recently purchased some great vintage prints of early primitive cars on Etsy. They were pretty inexpensive, but the custom framing was a fairly pricey project.
Here’s an up-close look at them. I absolutely love the outcome. The matting is ivory and the frames are beautiful brushed copper that takes on several different shades depending on the lighting and angle.
The mirror over the mantle was originally over the sofa, but I felt like it was super girly and wanted something a little more gender-neutral for the focus wall (considering between the dogs and I, poor Gusty is the only man in the house). I think they add a great vintage touch and are definitely conversation starters as they actually have the name of the models hand written on them.

So, besides the two leather club chairs, the sofa, and the new estate sale find, I have one other piece of seating furniture which is the loveseat. We originally purchased it in a beautiful cream color, but should have known that was a poor decision considering the two dogs. It wasn’t long (maybe 6 months) before it started looking super rough and worn, so we decided to have it reupholstered. There are very few things I’d like to learn to do more than conquering sewing and upholstery, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet….Hey! I’m only 24! I’ve got plenty of time, right?
We chose a great fabric from Waverly called Pascal-Bourbon. It’s got a heavy texture/weave that’s very durable, but still soft and comfortable. It’s got a little bit of a deeper color than this photo shows, making it much easier to keep clean. We are definitely enjoying actually sitting on this piece now without constantly worrying about getting it filthy!

So, these are the major parts of our living room. We only have one common living area, as opposed to a den + a formal living room, so my focus here is to make it a comfortable, cozy livable space with quality pieces (at bargain, budget prices). You may have noticed I left out one of the most crucial pieces of a living room: the coffee/cocktail table. Ah, do not fret, multitudes of people who ready this blog! That will be my next post! In the meantime, I’d love comments and suggestions on the space (especially my sad fireplace…it’s really got me stumped!).

~ Katie