Outdoor Decorating for Spring

With all of this wonderful & WARM spring weather we’re enjoying down here in Alabama, I’ve got outdoor spaces on my mind in a BIG way!  We’re working with a contractor these days to concept a pergola to be build over an existing brick patio in our backyard.  I love the current patio but the southern sun is just too hot with no shade once summer arrives!  So, of course, I turned to Pinterest from some backyard pergola inspiration and she did not disappoint!

Source: bhg.com via Katie on Pinterest
I was instantly drawn to the pergola above because the patio is almost exactly like our existing brick patio so it gave me an idea of how the design and the flooring would look together.
I’m loving the size of the one above and the little privacy fenced corners.  Wouldn’t those be beautiful with clematis and wisteria climbing the columns.

Source: squidoo.com via Katie on Pinterest

This last pergola is much more unique the the others….I love the arched top and the round columns.  Not matter what size and pergola style we end up choosing, I’ll definitely want one with round column posts to match the architecture of the rest of our home.
All that outdoor pergola inspiration got me on a whole backyard kick so please enjoy the rest of this outdoor inspiration photos I rounded up.
Source: houzz.com via Katie on Pinterest

Loving paver and grass checked patio….such whimsy!

Source: imgfave.com via Katie on Pinterest

And what about this beautiful blue stone outdoor fireplace with built-in bench seating and overhead pergola. Who would ever want to stay inside at this house?!

Source: tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

Bringing the indoors OUT!  Comfortable seating is key to a great outdoor space!  I’ll definitely be hanging similar outdoor drapes on our pergola.  Pull that back in the corners for a decorative touch, or close them to create a wall of fabric that turns an outdoor patio into it’s own room!

So it’s looks like there’s alot to do on my backyard agenda over the next month.  Tending to landscaping that I’m not familiar with (new house means new yard) and getting a colonial-ish whitewashed pergola built…..but the payoff will so be WORTH IT!