Sidewalk Sale Saturdays

Of course, the three items making my list this week were full price items even though I was shopping a FREAKING sidewalk sale.  I mean, I basically paid for that stool with my own sweat.  

Anyway, nothing’s gone home with me just yet as I’m meeting with an interior designer this week to talk about giving the house a “finishing touch.”  I’ll keep you all posted.  In the meantime, have a swoon at these babies!


Wallpaper Obsessions

On The K List today:  Blue + White + Elephants.  What’s not to love!Blue & White Elephant Wallpaper

We’ve been back in the house post-renovation for a little over a month and I’m taking it one room at a time.  This is a sneak peek at one of our guest rooms featuring my childhood bed (graciously gifted by the parentals) and this GORGEOUS Ophelia Wallpaper in blue by Brewster.

A professional would probably define this print as Morrocan-inspired but it’s give me major Ernest Hemingway a la Havana, Cuba vibes.  Anyone else?  Love or hate?

Until next time…

Make them stare,