Bedroom Choices: Chinoiserie or Cottage? Help Me Decide!

So my Waverly Olana drapes have officially been hung and now the decisions start rolling in! Once hung, I began to realize that drapes are definitely going to be game changers in our bedroom.  And after staring at the pattern for what seems like hours (I’m a little obsessed), I’ve decided the room can go one of two ways:  Chinoiserie inspired by my new favorite blog Chinoiserie Chic or Cottage style (which is kind of my safe place).  

Here’s an idea of what’s going on in the room currently:
Tufted headboard, sunburst mirror over vintage bamboo dresser, and a jute rug, a few lamps, etc etc…  I don’t hate it by any means, but compared to my dramatic drapes, it’s a little…well, bland.
Let’s take a look at Option 1:
Add in a coordinating fabric with a bamboo/chinoiserie vibe to it, a bamboo mirror (but preferably one without the $600 Horchow price tag), my favorite painting by my all-time favorite artist, Patrice Brunet (I wish!  But, hey, a girl can dream), and a ceramic stool for a little bit of seating.  Overall, it’s got a Chinoiserie feel to it, but it’s not too over the top or “theme-y.”
Here’s Option 2:
Add in a traditional striped fabric for possibly a bedskirt and some throw pillows, some monograms (of course), a few chippy pots/vases from Anthropologie, and a random antique chair that I’m sure I can find a Urban Suburban.
My first instinct play it safe with cottage style, but part of me wants to do something a little more bold and dramatic.  That’s where you come in faithful readers…I need you comments, questions, and suggestions! Help me decide and leave a comment below!

Bedroom Fabric Sneak Peak

Ladies and Gentleman, the pheasants have made their way to the bedroom!!!  I’ll have a full post up soon but for now here’s a sneak peak! 
Please excuse the awful photo…all I had was my phone camera!
Once I get the finishing touches complete, I’ll continue the house tour into our master bedroom. 

Bedroom Fabric Inspiration!

Well, I have another excuse for no dining room update…no camera. That’s right, we forgot and left it last time I went to visit my parents, so that gets me off the hook for a little while longer on the dining room. That said, I really do apologize for the sporadic posting. So many of the blogs I follow post so often I find myself reading more inspiration than giving it…which is fine by me, but no point in having a blog if I don’t post, right?

I feel like I’ve finally gotten our living room to a place I’m happy with (for now…until I decide to rearrange and redorate…again). And now my obsession has moved into the bedroom. (DECORATING the bedroom, people! Get your mind out of gutter!). Right now, we’ve got a great khaki tufted velvet headboard mostly because it takes up less space than a full-on bed and, being in an older home, we’ve got a small bedroom. We’ve got a Pottery Barn-esque rug with deep reds, olive greens, and a very pretty light blue color in it that I love with the color of our walls. The curtains are Pottery Barn linen, which I love, but I’m guessing you can sense an overwhelmingly neutral tone in here. Khaki headboard, khaki curtains, brown duvet…..yeah, it’s

With the rug being the only colorful part of the room, I decided to use is as inspiration to find fabrics to customize our bedding. Here’s what I’m thinking…Three euro shams & a matching bedskirt in this toile…

Then some bolster pillows in a great stripe like this one…

And finally a few extra throw pillows and upholstered vanity stool in something similar to this…

Oooh, and one more thing! Some trim like below and a little of the striped or dotted fabric and the bottom of my curtains…
What do you think? It’s a little more “mature” than my usual choices, but I want something classic that I’ll keep for a long time- especially if I’m going to make the investment in nice fabric and custom made shams. And honestly, I prefer a solid duvet cover that can blend in with whatever decorating phase I’m going through at the time. This way I’m really just accessorizing.

Once I’ve made final decisions on the master bedroom, I’ll move on to the guest room, which I plan to do a in a little more fun and playful style.

I’m planning to go fabric shopping soon! (Which I will document because you have GOT to see this great little fabric outlet I found…crazy deals, I tell ya).

Opinions, please!