Leopard & Local

This week’s list is short and sweet.  Animal print (and considering recent events, I certainly mean faux) is all up on my feet.

I recently took a digital communications role for a large academic medical center… And I get how you wouldn’t think that’s a fashion-forward environment but I work with a squad  of serious fashionistas/os. But it’s a big place and, on a day full of meetings, heels are out of the question.

Enter the leopard flats that saved my closet…

 (Bettye Muller)

And on the weekend, it’s all casual all day. Enter these locally proud, badass caps.  When I say “local,” I don’t mean Birmingham (which is all also badass).  I mean ALL the locals.

Birmingham startup Aviate Brand recently launched a line of caps that feature airport codes and they are as chic as a cap can get. Doesn’t hurt that Aviate was started by a local from my hometown and operates out of the Magic City. You like your city?  You like to ride on airplanes to other cities?  Get one.

And that’s it.  That’s the K-List this week.

Make them stare,


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