Christmas Gifter’s Block

Every year, way ahead of Christmas I’ll get these super thoughtful gift ideas… something I know that person will just absolutely LOVE… or something I notice they mention liking or wanting.  I’ll make a mental note and get it ahead of time.  And I get SO excited anticipating giving it to them when the time finally comes!

And then two weeks before Christmas – without fail – it hits me.  Gifter’s block. If I haven’t figured you out by then, it’s like my brain just will not compute. But thank the internet gods for Pinterest.

I imagine I can’t be the only one with that finds themselves in this predicament so this year, I thought I’d share with you some gifting inspo for when you have that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET THEM moment.



  1. You can’t go wrong with barware (unless youRE gifting a non-drinker, obvi) and this Hard Stuff liquor decanter is just too cute!
  2. And what chinoierie-obsessed prep can pass up those Lettermade embroidered ginger jar cocktail napkins.  They have so many other options too!
  3. The needlepoint beer koozies are perfect for your go-to beer guy.  The jolly roger design is my absolute favorite (as my little brother can attest to).  I’m beginning to sense a theme here with these gifts…
  4. And to convince you that I and my loved ones have other interests that do not involve the consumption of alcohol… This pom pom straw tote is a great gift for your beach-loving friend… and it’s the perfect time to get them dreaming about warmer weather!
  5. But when the cold, hard reality of winter hits them in the face… why not prepare them with some cold-weather armor.  I love this ivory beanie with a faux fur pom!
  6. And finally, no one passes up a Turkish T towel… these are the softest, most understated and casually elegant hand towels! I keep one in every bathroom!

So if you find yourself in a gifter’s block conundrum, fear not, I’ve got you covered!  Happy shopping and Happy Holidays from The K List!


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