H O L I D A Y ||Detox||

My super cute friend, Paige, has some great tips on holiday season detoxing! Check them out and read more from here at http://www.momosasblog.com


The holidays, for the most part, fill us with that warm and fuzzy feeling starting at Thanksgiving and ending around New Years. However, throughout this bright and cheery season we may also start feeling dull. Our routines have slipped, we consume endless amounts of junk, and completely disregard exercise. While lounging around in my Christmas jammies, sipping hella red wine, and baking (rather watching others bake in my case) is my favorite holiday activity, I usually get the Christmas slug going on since I have let myself go. I have come up with a list of detox remedies that I typically do on the reg that will get you over that holiday slump.

Now, there’s the usual dont’s such as no indulgences, no alcohol, going to bed early, blah blah blah. None of which are on my holiday to-do list. Everything on this list can be worked into your daily…

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