Athleisure – because who cares if you’ve actually been to the gym

Thank the {fashion} gods. Yoga pants are now high fashion. Goodbye buttons. Goodbye zippers. You will NOT be missed.

For the record, I do the best I can (with a busy husband, a 5 month old and the occasional desperately needed social outing) to get to the gym pretty regularly.  If I can’t and the weather permits, I at least get a good baby strolling in several times a week followed by an at home workout.  This YouTube fitness channel is my favorite!

Here’s an example of a quick full body dumbell workout I do often after stroller jogging with III or a treadmill run (I desperately hate hanging out on the weight side of the gym… I’d rather just do it in my living room).

Ok, enough about fitness.  I am NOT your guru for that. In fact, my post baby bod has really got me in the dumps (like a truck) but – hey – I’m doing the best I can.  In fact, I’m about to start a new vitamin and supplement regimen along with some new meal planning that I’ll be updating you on down the road.

Anyway, the good stuff.  The clothes… because, now, you can express you inner fashionista at the gym. On the way to the gym. On the way home from the gym. Not going to the gym at all.  Places like Publix, Starbucks, on the couch with wine and a bestie. So basic.

Long before III and athleisure were a thing, I desperately wanted to avoid being the mom that was always in yoga pants and sweats… the epitome of “letting herself go”…. even for a valid reason like having a baby | being covered in formula | not sleeping for more than 3.5 hours at a time for 4 months straight…. and GOD, yes, I know how sexist this all sounds.  Who cares what you look like and what you wear and so on and so forth… not me… you do you.  But the bottom line is… I do care what I look like, how I present… at least a little…most days.

Enter: Athleisure Wear. This fall and winter you’ll find me cozy, comfy and hopefully fit in my new favorite pieces.



  1. ALO Moto Leggings 
  2. Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Convertible Cardigan
  3. Cole Haan Snakeskin Sneakers
  4. The North Face Slacker Turtleneck Poncho


Cozy and comfy never looked so good!

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