Want It Wednesdays

It seems like the only thing I can manage lately is the weekly Want It Wednesdays posts. I apologize for the sparsity in my blogging lately, but life has taken a turn for the busy if you know what I mean. Not only is it hard to find the time to post…it’s hard to find the time to finish all of my projects to even post about! A vicious cycle, it tell you…

Now moving on to the wants! My last few “wants” have been pretty major things…new furniture and lighting. And let’s just be honest with ourselves, those kind of large purhases just aren’t a daily occurence in my house…if they are in your house…you’re probably reading the wrong blog, honey. Either way, I decided to tone it down a little this week with a few smaller wants.

I’ve been dreaming of French toile lately. Now I firmly believe it can look outdated and stuffy if you put it on every chair, couch, and curtain rod you own…but in well proportioned doses, it is quite elegant and pretty. And where else do I want to put it but the LEAST elegant room in the house….THE BATHROOM! I know, I know- first the mirrors, now the toile! But take a look at this…via http://www.potterybarn.com

Pretty foliage and sweet little birds in my teeny tiny bathroom sounds delightful! So, yes please, Pottery Barn…I’ll have that. K thanks.

And speaking of sweet little birds…I LOVE ALL THINGS BIRDS….nests? love ’em….eggs? love ’em… And check out this pretty Thomas Paul pillow from http://www.allmodern.com.

Love it too! So that’s it…I will not allow myself to want any large things this week (yeah right….I’m just not admitting them). So here are my watered-down Want Its! Hope you enjoy! What do you want????



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