Dining Room Sneak Peak

Sorry for the lengthy time between posts but I’ve been taking care of sick husband and planning a huge fundraiser event that you’ll be happy to know went off without a hitch! Over $100K raised for our local autism center!

That being said, it’s time for a new post. Not only have I not had time to post, but I haven’t had much time to work on pending projects either! So, today, you’ll just see the inspiration for my current project! I’ve been dreaming about a new dining room set up since my first Want It Wednesday post and the day of dining room redecorating is looming near! I found an antique dining table that needs a little refinishing (working on it people!) and slipcovered parson chairs that are awaiting their monogram. See my inspiration photo below.

The entire room is a little traditional for my taste. But this is literally my exact table. My parson chairs will have full length skirts instead of these slipcovered chairs, but the overall aesthetic is very similar. With a more contemporary drum shade pendant chandy, my vintage eclectic dining room will be complete. (Oh, and with the new sideboard that I will…fingers crossed…purchase this weekend!)

via www.decorpad.com

Hope you enjoyed these lovely images! Can’t wait to reveal my new dining room to you soon!



3 thoughts on “Dining Room Sneak Peak

  1. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says:

    HI, Katie, nice to meet another B'ham girl & welcome to blogging. Glad you stopped by & left a note so I could come over & visit. Cute blog you have, I scrolled through some of your posts & love your ideas and enthusiasm.

    Great DR plans, I love all your inspiration pics. Can't wait to see the finale of yours, you'll have to tell me when you're done.

    You will find the hardest part of blogging is keeping up with ALL the great blogs out there, it's just impossible.

    About the Greystone Antique mall, the prices are really pretty reasonable, I think. Definitely worth checking out.


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