I’m Digging So Haute!

Ok, guys…so maybe the “it’s coming” post I threw up there a bajillion years ago was a bit of a fib. We hosted a get together a little while back and moved some extra tables in the dining room for food and drink and let’s just say…they are still there…because lugging them back down the steep staircase to the basement just hasn’t been a priority for us lately. But I PROMISE I will post dining room photos very soon! I still have one blank wall that I’m trying to collect some art pieces for but other than that, I’m pretty happy with its current state!

That being said, I wanted to post today to share a blog I’ve recently discovered. It’s by no means “new”, but it’s new to me and I’m officially obsessed. I just read an entire year‘s worth of posts on it last night and just had to share with you.

Meet decorating and lifestyle expert Nicole Gibbons.

She’s a savvy, stylish New Yorker with mid-west roots and a whole lot of good taste! Her blog covers all things decorating, design, style, entertainment, and travel. She’s also a publicist for a well-known fashion brand. (I haven’t figured out which one yet). Bottom line- she’s got great taste, an adorable apartment, and I want every outfit I’ve seen her wear in a photo.

Enjoy her blog and take a look at her awesome apartment. I hope you love as much as I do! I’ll be adding her link to the blog list on the right side of my blog!

Coming Soon: A finally finished dining room, custom fabric bedding & discount fabric shopping, how to create an inviting guest room, and a few bits of inspiration!



One thought on “I’m Digging So Haute!

  1. So Haute says:

    Thank you so much for such a totally flattering and sweet blog post! I so appreciate your kind words and support and really appreciate you reading So Haute and taking the time to share my site with your readers! xoxo


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