Fabric Makeover for the Bedroom

I posted a while back about attempting to find fabric for to update our master bedroom. As it is, there is very little pattern in the room and it’s verging on the side of boring. At first, I was picturing some type of toile but then I happened upon a BEAUTIFUL Waverly fabric called Olana in a scrap bin.

I found just enough to make three euro shams, which is what we need to cover all the way across our California king bed, which looks similar to this:

I then began a restless online search for the same fabric by the yard so I could have a bedskirt made to match the shams.  I was having a hard time finding anything so I’m assuming this pattern is in the wind-down phase. And then suddenly… I hit the jackpot, people.  Randomly searching Etsy for my beloved Olana pattern, hoping someone would be selling their scraps, I found FOUR CUSTOM MADE FRENCH PLEATED CURTAIN PANELS in my exact pattern and color scheme.  Bedskirt?  Pppssshh.  I’m going full on pheasant curtains!  I ordered them immediately, the pleats are being sewn and they should be in our bedroom in t-minus ONE WEEK!  I am so pumped about the purchase!  Now I just have to get my euro shams made and I will have completely transformed the look of our bedroom with nothing but fabric.  I still need a coordinating fabric for bolster pillows, but that’s the last thing on my list!

Today’s Lesson:  Fabric is a powerful thing, readers.  I never knew it could make me feel like this. 🙂

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