Cubicle Chic – The List

Let’s talk fashion in the workplace.  I’m pretty adventurous with my personal fashion.  In fact, there are a pair of python printed harem pants draped across a chair in my closet right now.  But when it comes to the corporate world, how can you keep it interesting and appropriate?  In my career, the days of throwing on a hot pink sundress and calling it business casual are LONG GONE.  So, here’s my list of workplace wardrobe necessities that keep you out of a fashion rut while still in the good graces of your corporate colleagues.

Un: Colorful or Printed Pants – Ok, we all know that no pants are the best pants and yoga pants are the next best but these are edgy and chic for the office.  And let’s face it, you can’t go to work naked.

Leopard pant - Zara

Leopard Skinny Pants


 Fuschia Pleated Trousers

Deaux: Blazers, Blazers, kimonos, moto jackets, blazers and more blazers.  Not your mama’s blazer, yall.  Perfect for a meeting but shed these at 5pm & you’re looking so not stuffy at happy hour with your girlfriends.

central park west blazer - revolve clothing Asos blazer in longline with lapel detail Asos blazer in fluro scuba with peplum

Central Park West Durham Linen White Blazer 

Chartreuse Longline Blazer from Asos

Neon Coral Peplum Blazer from Asos

Trois:  Everyday chic shoes.  I prefer something neutral but this is also an element of your wardrobe that can lean on the funky side at work in my opinion – considering they’re under the desk or conference table most of the time.  Work those heels in the cafeteria, honey.

kate spade sling back with bow

Kate Spade New York Nance

Quatre:  The innate skill of pairing high with low.  Here’s the thing, we would all be in head to toe designer all day every day if it was practical, right?  But when it comes to work wear, quantity is almost – if not just as – important as quality.  I have much more fun shopping for my casual weekend pieces but I spend 80% of my time in my office wardrobe.  Pairing high and low price point pieces is my key to looking chic and not over-repeating pieces at work.

black and white pattern work outfit

Vince blouse paired with Ann Taylor loft black & white ikat skirt.

(And yes I took a mirror pic in the women’s lounge at work, haters.)

What are you wearing at work?


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