Want It Wednesdays

Welcome to the first Want It Wednesdays post. I’m contantly thinking of projects I want to do and pieces I want to add to my home. So why not designate an entire day/post of the week to some of the things I’m dying to have? And believe me, at one day a week, this could take yyyeeeaarrrsss.

1. Round Dining Room Table: I love a round dining room table. It just feels so inviting! Our home isn’t really a “head of the table” type of environment so the idea that everyone is included and facing each other during a meal is very appealing to me. Currently, we have a bar height four top table with matching bar height chairs that serves it’s purpose.

I like the dark wood and clean lines, but it’s a little modern (and dull) compared to the rest of the house which has a more vintage cottage vibe. It was a gift from my parents for my first apartment, which it fit perfectly, but we now have a dining room that could host a larger table like this beauty.

via http://www.restorationhardware.com/ (duh)

I’d love to have this table or a DIY project that garnered similar results…with some cream slip covered chars and a silver bowl of fresh fruit in the center. Done. My ideal dining set.

2. New Patio Furniture: The second item(s) on what my husband considers an endless list is new outdoor furniture for our front deck/patio. It’s a large…almost as large as our living room actually, and can handle several different seating/dining areas in it’s space. It currently looks like this:

Please don’t judge to harshly as it’s been wet and freezing here for week, my flowers are dead dead dead, and the entire deck just isn’t up to it’s spring time par. What you see in the picture is a mixture of old and new. The antique white rod iron benches were a fairly recent purchase from Garden Ridge. The chimanea was a recent gift from my parents for my husband’s birthday, the black rod iron table and chairs were given to us by my mother in law, and the planters were left here when we purchased the house. I couldn’t fit it all in the photo but just two the right are two teak arm chairs with a small rod iron and wicker table between them. Altogether, it’s just a little hodge podge. Neither Gusty nor I had a large outdoor space before we got married and just weren’t prepared to fully furnish this huge deck. It saddens me that we’ve neglected it because it’s truly the first part of the house people see and it was our favorite part and a large factor when we bought the house. So what I’d loooove to see out there is…..


Both images from www.potterybarn.com

I definitely want to include a dining table as Gusty and I love to have people over to cook out and enjoy the outdoors, our charming bamboo, and the view. But I also want a relaxing seating area that really gives it the feel of not just a patio, but an outdoor room. I think these pieces all tie in well together, but jointly have a pretty large price tag. So between now and spring, I’ll be on hte lookout for a budget friendlier alternative….or I’ll be sweet talking the hubby.

So that’s it fearless readers, my first Want It Wednesday posts. I’m constantly adding things to my “long term, but I wish it was short term” wish list and I look forward to sharing them with you each week! Feel free to share yours as well!



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