Weekend Finds!

I spent a good bit of time this weekend getting rid of home décor. I took a few of my things to a friend’s yard sale and managed to clear some space in the basement. But you know that doesn’t mean I didn’t find a few new (or old) things to replace them! My first find this weekend developed from a trade off. My friend hosting the yard sale gave me this great huge seagrass tray in exchange for a couple of items of mine.

Since the addition of the larger coffee table , I’ve been looking for something to put on top that didn’t obstruct views at eye level. I hate a tall piece in the middle of a table that people have to look across…it just doesn’t make any sense! I also wanted something that served a functional purpose like holding the remotes, magazines, etc. This tray is the perfect size for the table, adds great texture, and looks great with the rest of the room. Now, I’m on the hunt for similar baskets to put underneath the table to hold blanket and dog toys!

After the yard sale, I hit up a few antique stores and scored a few small things like this vintage apothecary jar to store cotton balls in the bathroom.

I’d like to find another, larger one to display my monogrammed soap collection. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

I also found some great vintage plates.

One is white with scallop detailed edges and the small blue one has a greek key and clover design. I especially like the blue one. My husband is Greek so I love most anything with the greek key motif. These will go with the rest of the small, but growing collection that will eventually adorn one of the walls in my dining room. I foresee a lot of plate arranging in my future before I’ll be able to commit and actually hang them!

So there you have it! My finds for this weekend!

~ Katie

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